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HELP the Animals Inc. and My Journey

A kitten who was busy pestering its mother at HELP the Animals Inc. It fell asleep soon after, as kittens do. Cute!

On Saturday November first, I went to interview Susan Beeson president of HELP the Animals for my English W231 class. HELP the Animals Inc. is a “501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill animal shelter dedicated to providing a safe haven for, homeless pets until they can be placed in responsible, loving homes.” This shelter has been open for nearly twenty-five years now, housing hundreds of cats and dogs that need their help and love. This shelter has faced hardships in the past with keeping their doors open to the public since they thrive only on the amount of donations and help they get from grants. HELP is determined to stay a no-kill shelter, and to always stay open for animals, wanting to give every animal that comes through their doors a fighting chance of survival and a loving home with a family to be with.

HELP the Animals needed some small supplies they had been lacking at their shelter, so I decided I would write a letter to the Tractor Supply Company here in town to ask for those items. Beeson was specific to say that they did not wish to exceed too much money when asking for supplies from Tractor Supply Company, which is why the items were few and simple.

Beeson, president of HELP the Animals Inc. asked for several small items, such as:

  • Medium dog beds
  • Nail clippers
  • Cat litter
  • A variety of different sized brushes for their animals

Overall, the price would be reasonable, so I asked Tractor Supply Company if they would consider assisting HELP in their needs since HELP is a non-profit organization. If the letter I wrote to Tractor Supply Company succeeds, not only will this benefit HELP and its animals, but it will also give Tractor Supply Company a good reputation for helping its local community, therefore possibly receiving more customers in the process.

Volunteering at HELP the Animals!

This little guy is the one I walked and paid attention to. He loved running and attention, I’m sure he will be adopted in no-time.

While at HELP the Animals, I wanted to volunteer while I was there, and did just that for two and a half hours. I have volunteered at help before over the years, but it had been a little while since I had been there. I honestly had a great time volunteering, but since I was only a volunteer who was a beginner, I could only do simple things like clean cages, walk the dogs there, clean up messes, and pay attention to animals who were wanting to be loved-on (or just whining for attention).

During my time volunteering there I paid close attention to a little rat-terrier who loved to run as fast as he could through the yard, was very loving, and wanted to be in my lap whenever he could get the chance to be. I stayed outside with him for about thirty minutes because he was reluctant to go back in and was constantly wanting attention, so I gave him as much as I could as I was playing fetch with him and petting him. When I go to shelters, I always have a hard time leaving, because I just want to take all of them home and give them a nice loving family even though I know that it’s impossible for me to do that. I have always had a soft spot for animals and always will!

In Conclusion…

My time spent at HELP the Animals was a good one, and I really hope the letter I wrote to Tractor Supply Company gets them the materials that they needed. I always want to help animals, and HELP the Animals is there to do just that, I look up to them for being so supportive and giving the animals the love and care they truly need while also giving them a chance at survival. My time I spent there volunteering, and writing out the letter, was very well spent and I hope that everything goes well!