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Growth logo by Ibrahim AlQaidi is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Growth logo by Ibrahim AlQaidi is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Our society today is all about logos, whatever we have is branded (like the Nike symbol), in fact we are so branded by materials we ourselves become a brand. This thought process is what leads to brands being made and created in a business/persons personal image and this is what ends up making them so great!

Logos are what make certain clothing or materials stand out to the public, even if the logo is simple and small, every business wants a logo to be recognized so quickly just like the Nike symbol. But, how do companies create these logos and what makes them effective?

Every effective logo has certain traits to it and it has to stand out to the public eye. A customer will spend approximately three seconds when looking at a brand or logo, and a company has 3 seconds to catch the customers eye which is why logo designs are so important. Logo Design: 60 pro tips describes the five principles that are essential in logo design…

“A logo must be simple.

A logo must be memorable.

A logo must be enduring.

A logo must be versatile.

A logo must be appropriate.”

All of these needs ring true for every logo for a business. These five steps in creating a logo must be on the designers mind the entire time, making sure that their logo will be able to be used appropriately for their business or someone else’s. What Makes a Good Logo? is also a fantastic site to examine when deciding how a logo should be perceived and designed.

Logos describe more than just the overall aspect of the brand, in fact it can encompass many things such as: when people see the brand they think of the customer service they received from the store, or when people see the brand they think of the stores cleanliness All of these aspects show how important brands and logos really are in the eyes of society and the way people view certain businesses. A catchy logo is always important, it allows a business to be memorable, and allows the customers to purchase their merchandise comfortably.

Believe it or not, YOU might need a logo one day, and you could possibly have to design one for yourself. But, why would you ever need to design your own logo you might ask? If you want a small business that you are starting, wouldn’t you want your business to stand out from the others, wouldn’t you want it to pop out from the others around you? This is where you need to consider yourself a brand. When you consider yourself a brand, especially when needing to design your own logo, this allows you to see how exactly your logo would describe you as a person and your company. After-all, who knows you better that you to create your very own logo?

So remember, whenever you need to stand out from the crowd, especially when considering your own business, remember that logos and brands can be what makes your products sell and stand out from the rest.


One thought on “Logos Logos Logos

  1. It is funny how you go through each day, see things and just take them for granted. I definitely see logos but consciously do not think about them.
    Where logos come into play in my life is my kids clothes and shoes. Ugh. The bigger and better the logo the more expensive it is. I do know that Vista Print has an excellent program for helping you design your personal logo. Interesting information. Thanks for making me think of something outside my nursing/college bubble 🙂

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