The Outlook of Graphic Design

This picture is merely an example of what graphic design can do.
French Graphic Design by Maryellen McFadden is licensed under CC BY 2.0

First things first, what exactly is Graphic design?  Graphic design is a mixture of jobs and experiences through the usage of displaying images, text, or even logos. Graphic design tends to be for:

  • Advertising
  • Specialized design services
  • Newspapers, books, etc…
  • And other miscellaneous jobs

What exactly is the job outlook for graphic design majors?

Graphic design majors, especially the people who live in a state where their major is not as common as other states, usually will have to go to a larger city to be able to find a job for one of the more common aspects of graphic design: such as advertising or specialized design services (which could be designing logos for a company or even making menus for a restaurant).

  • I, for example, will hopefully be moving to Indianapolis to be able to receive a job in graphic design that will offer a decent amount of money.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for graphic design, there has been an employment rise of 0.9% and the mean annual wage is $49,610. This is a considerable amount of money considering the main job graphic designers usually have is to create logos for businesses using the art of design and by using typography in their works. What is typography you might ask?


  • The work of producing printed pages from written material
  • The style, arrangement, or appearance of printed letters on a page

In our society, graphic design and the use of typography have become increasingly important and more jobs are slowly appearing. Think about it: advertising surrounds our lives every single day, and the use of advertising is generally really important for products. We usually don’t give it a second thought, but people are out there and working on all of these designs and advertisements that we see which influence us into buying them.

Graphic design is becoming an increasingly competitive field as more people want to major in it and be able to work for big company’s. Graphic design rely’s on the use of technology, so as technology is becoming more advanced and more prominent, so has graphic design.

So, if anyone is considering going into the graphic design field or wishing to major in it, remember that you could possibly have to move to a larger city or area if you want a decent paying job in this particular field. But remember,  graphic design is becoming increasingly important as technology grows, and more jobs are becoming available!

Best of luck to anyone hoping to go into graphic design from hopefully a future major!


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