Michael Agger really knows something about how to get people to pay attention. He doesn’t just know any people though, he knows how to get the Internets attention. As society changes, so does the way the same society searches for information, and especially when it comes to the internet. We are informavore’s; this is Agger’s way of telling us we have lazy eyes and only search for the specific information we are craving. And Agger is not wrong! We read differently on the internet and we tend to only glace through for:

  • Specific Information
  • Key Points
  • Short and Sweet Sentences
  • Eye Catching Words
  • And by all means, staying away from long paragraphs

So, how should someone whose say…running a blog tend to display information to catch the readers eye?

  • A Bulleted List is always nice
  • Key Information
  • Short Sentences
  • Bolding to catch the readers eye

These are a few of the items someone on a blog might want to include for readers to notice and to catch their eye. Someone who is running a blog should remember to always consider the reader and how they will scan their writing. Starting out a blog post should carefully ease the reader into information, list key points, explain what certain aspects mean that the reader could possibly not know, and to always try and catch the readers eye with key points because internet readers have lazy eyes.


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